Whatsoever you do….

Fred Phelps died today and I’ve been somewhat saddened by the outpouring of hate the news has produced to say nothing of the comments on social media.

I’m certainly not a fan of the hate-filled messages his group has exhibited; I have grieved to see military families grieving and hate being spewed against their dead family member, simply because he or she was in the military. I have been dismayed by the hate filled language so many gay women and men have had to endure.

But I will not picket his funeral; I will not post “good riddance” or “wait until he meets God” (as if we had any idea of how that which we so casually name “God” operates-we think we know because others have written and said so, but we don’t know). We don’t know what caused him to be so hate-filled. If you see a late photo of the man, his face looks beaten with bitter herbs and his eyes look scared and angry.

We don’t know anything except we despise his hate so much we’re ready to participate in hating back. And most who comment have no connection, no hurt done to them because of Phelps actions, but hate him because of his actions.

Mercy. If I were hated for all my various and misled actions, I certainly wouldn’t be writing this today or doing any of the things I do to help others heal.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my creatures……. maybe Fred Phelps was one of the least.


2 thoughts on “Whatsoever you do….

  1. susansayings says:

    Hatred can be frighteningly powerful–seductive. Returning hate for hate seems justified. And, yet clearly we are called to return love in place of hate. Sounds so simple and obvious sometimes. Oh, how we all struggle with this simple commandment in tiny, private ways as well as in public situations.
    Holy One, we need a lot of help with this love thing!

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