Enter Paradise

We woke to snow dusting the yard again and the temperature has dropped….again. My son called from Florida to brag it was 82 degrees. But he had a sunburned foot from going out in sandals for the first time in the season, and allergies had gone wild. A friend’s daughter had been bit by some unknown insect and had a quarter-inch hole in her arm.

There is no paradise.

I lived in Hawaii for a while and everyone who visits or wants to visit calls Hawaii paradise. There is no paradise. Each day’s dressing meant checking your shoes and the floor before you got out of bed to make sure you wouldn’t step on a centipede. Sometimes they were as long as six to eight inches. Now that’s a wake up call, let me tell you. The reasons visitors don’t see them so often is because hotel grounds are heavily sprayed against insects.

There is no paradise.

Maybe that’s why we humans tend to label heaven paradise, pearly gates, angels sitting on clouds with harps. We want some place to be perfect and if God is perfect, then where God resides (sky??) must be perfect and therefore paradise. Because where we are certainly isn’t.

What if paradise were simply getting up each morning (with or without snow)? Many people are bedridden. What if paradise meant having a job (even a job that sometimes makes you crazy and doesn’t pay enough)? Many don’t have a job. What if paradise meant having a meal when you came home or a bed to sleep in? Many people don’t.

What if you were to go through each day grateful for your life, your home, your computer, your bed? What if we were able to see our lives as a gift?

Wouldn’t that be paradise?


2 thoughts on “Enter Paradise

  1. Tony Scinto says:

    as usual Janet- WELL SAID. Miss you and Cliff physically seeing you guys and touching you both. Neither are ever missing in my life however.

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      Thanks, Tony! How nice to see your name. Saturday I took a run down State Line to Office Max and realized, as I passed “your” house, that I hadn’t been in touch for a long time and needed to say hello. And here you are. Hello!! We miss you too. Hope the new home is shaping up well. We still have a visit in our plans…whatever “plans” mean in this day and age. Every time spring ball shows up, we long to visit Sarasota! We’ll get there…. one day.

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