Charting a life

I’ve been AOL again. My excuse this time is that I’ve spent the day plotting. Nothing nefarious, no one’s downfall, unless it’s mine. Rather, I’ve been plotting a book, the memoir that so many have wished I would write. Or at least a close facsimile thereof. In writing my life story, I know the details but there’s too many and I have to choose which are most important.

Plotting a book is sort of like plotting one’s life. You know where the line begins (birth) and that it will end (death), but what goes on in the middle is this big open space of choices. Which chapters or characters or experiences are vital and which take up space only to be discarded? What is the real story?

What is our real story? What’s important and what can be erased? Which choices lead to answers and which to dead ends?

At least with writing, there’s a plethora of books and blogs and good advice to help guide. But that’s true with life, too. We all have a multitude of books, pamphlets, saved email, saved letters that give us good advice.

The challenge is always incorporating the advice. One step at a time.

Right now, today, I managed a graph with three flip-chart sized Post-Its stuck to the floor and a line running diagonally from one corner to the next with a short downward triangle before the rise to a climax. A plot-line as it’s called. I never expected I’d need a good-sized chunk of floor to write a book.

Where are you with incorporating choices into your life? Have you learned not to worry about tomorrow? Have you learned to accept each day’s grace?

Where are your stuck points and how do you move around them?

I have a pad of large Post-Its if you need to make a chart.


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