The stone that makes us stumble…

We’re halfway through Lent with Easter still three weeks away. Resolutions to slow our lives, spend time in reflection, have dissolved in the fury of everyday living.  An airplane disappeared; the Cold War threatens again; a mountainside slid off it’s moorings; tornado season has begun; and there’s a winter storm in the northeast again. Or spring storm – but with ice and snow. And while most of us are living our “normal” lives (or what passes for normal in these chaotic times) we’re still faced with challenges.

Where’s the slow down for reflection?

But isn’t that exactly what Lent is about? To observe how our lives can so easily get out of control whether emotionally, physically, or from the natural world? And while things may not be calm, aren’t we still reminded to observe our reaction to the various stimuli?

That’s the only choice we have: the choice to observe our own reaction. We can’t change world affairs or natural disasters, or even rude co-workers or stressed family members. But we can reminded ourselves to choose our reaction.

Of course, that’s the hard part. It’s always easier to want someone else to change his/her behavior rather than change the way we react.

“…the stone that makes men stumble and the rock that makes men fall….” That’s a line from one of my favorite meditation songs. Most of us aren’t dealing with the rocks: falling airplanes or falling mountains or falling houses; most of us have the stone in our shoe that we can’t seem to shake loose.




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