Give yourself a break

Yesterday, my homily came from the reading in John’s Gospel of Jesus healing a man blind from birth. After he’s healed, people question whether this is the same man. They don’t believe, but the man keeps saying, “I was blind but now I see.”

It’s hard to see things differently. That’s what Lent gives us, a time to look at our lives with new eyes. Many of us have focused on one discipline, or one thing to change. A discipline helps us stay focused on seeing change. Even if our discipline is to give up, say, chocolate or coffee or smoking, for Lent, that discipline allows us to look anew at our usual response to being overwhelmed or lonely or stressed and perhaps ask ourselves if we could simply release the feeling instead.

So sticking with the theme of seeing things differently, let’s take today to see differently by having a day of rejoicing. Much like we have an Advent break in Gaudete Sunday, take this day of the Fourth Week of Lent to rejoice.

The first line of an old Gaudete song goes, “The time of grace has come….” Take today as your day of grace. Allow the tense feeling in shoulders, head, back, voice relax. Give yourself a break.

Most of us are buffeted by these amazing and confusing times. Take today to be good to yourself. Take yourself out to lunch and enjoy every bite (maybe even have chocolate mousse!); take yourself for a walk and look for the first hint of spring color; take a long bath. Do something today that allows you to rejoice in your life.

Be nice to your body, relax your mind, and take some time to consider just how fortunate you are to be alive.


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