Judgment (again)

Nicodemus (the man who had come to Jesus) spoke up to say, “Since when does our law condemn any man without first hearing him and knowing the facts?

Our world seems to be short on facts these days and long on opinion. We don’t know facts, we hear rumors and believe them. We don’t search out answers, we catch them on the fly and hope they serve.

We can blame it on technology or having such busy lives, but judging from scant knowledge has been around a long time.

Our morals and our judgments are built on a very personal and individual framework and usually based on our childhood when our world and its information were very local, village-like you could say. And we still blame problems or the causes of problems as outside our personal village.

We condemn without knowing the facts all the time. In thought, word, and deed.

And how do we change something that’s core to our central beliefs?



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