Show Us Wonderful Signs

I picked up the Lectionary to begin the morning’s Lenten reflection and the first thing I read was from Micah: “Shepherd your people with your staff… show us wonderful signs…” And then in the Psalm reading, “…do not forget all the gifts of God.”

Ah, yes. Let me not forget.

The list of things gone right and the gifts of my life create a much longer list than the crackles of annoyances.  And I need to remember – we all need to remember – those times when wonderful signs arrived, when the gift of the right person or the right idea or the right information needed at that particular time appeared. Or arrived in the mail, or with a phone call.

This discipline of a Lenten reflection helps me remember what is at core in life: peace, trust, joy, kindness. Your list is probably just as long.

I appreciate the reminders to trust my life. And even my overwhelm. What signs and wonders do you need to remember today? What is at core in your life?


One thought on “Show Us Wonderful Signs

  1. schurmane says:

    Another powerful post. Certainly you were the right person at the right time for me, Janet.

    Much love.   Elizabeth Schurman

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