Where is my heart?

On Palm Sunday, the Passion reading reminds us of our journey this last week in Lent: Jesus entering Jerusalem as a hero and prophet; friends betraying him; arrest and abuse; and the humiliation of crucifixion and naked suffering.

We’ve all probably had moments when we were treated like a hero or when friends betrayed. We know what abuse is and we know what humiliation is.

But we have also judged and condemned; we have betrayed others by our actions. We have chosen to remain safe and keep our small circle closed rather than open up to new ideas.

I liked what Pope Francis said yesterday in his Palm Sunday homily. He called on all of us to examine our hearts, to ask if we’ve fallen asleep. He asked us to look into our hearts and see how we are living.

He said, “Am I like Pontius Pilate, who, when he sees the situation is difficult, washes my hands?”

“Where is my heart,” he added.

Where is my heart? Can I see with my heart or do I see with pride and anger? Do I protect myself from seeing the hurts of others? Have I become complacent in my safety at home?

Where is my heart?



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