I tell you solemnly, one of you will betray me. John 13

I’ve read or heard many theories of who Judas was, why he did what he did. There’s no sure answer to that except to note that the story of Judas appears in the synoptic gospels as well as the Gospel of John. And so, from that, we must surmise that the experience with Judas happened regardless of why.

But betrayal comes in many ways to Jesus just as it comes to us. Peter betrays – Peter the Rock who is strong and confident. The high priests betray one of their own tribe out of fears for their own safety. The people who only a few days previously hailed Jesus as king and prophet betray when they called for his crucifixion.

Betrayal. It comes to each of us in all ways and in many situations. When we use anger that hurts someone else, we betray the Christ Consciousness. When we get frustrated and fearful at work or the lack of work, we betray our Christ Consciousness. When we refuse to help someone, we betray our Christ Consciousness. In little ways and big, we betray the injunction to love one another. We betray the Christ Consciousness when we worry or retreat from conscious behavior. We betray our Christ Consciousness when we judge another’s actions.

Again, we are called to observe our journey. How do you, how do I, how do all of us betray in large ways and small? How do we reconcile ourselves to our self?

Become conscious of all your actions and reactions, your emotions and your experiences.

Take these days to prepare for new life.


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