Breathing Lessons

Everything’s pretty extreme: storms, anger and fear, tiredness, lack of money, news of accidents. Things are undone. The world isn’t ending, but things sure are shaky.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with my grandson years ago as we were coming home from church. I’d asked him how he liked my homily and he shrugged and said it was okay. I asked, “Did you listen.” He nodded. “You always talk about the same thing – peace and love. I mean, that’s good, but that’s what you talk about.”

I guess I still am. I’ve extended my repertoire to include breathing and forgiveness, but when you get right down to it, those last two are only extensions of the same theme. Love one another/love yourself; be at peace with one another/be at peace with yourself.

The problem, of course, is the how. How to be at peace in all the turmoil?

No doubt, many people are frustrated and overwhelmed. With papers and to-dos piling up on three desks, things aren’t getting done in a timely manner. I’m teaching summer school. Students’ families/computers/cars/children are in chaos, too.

If things are undone, they will, eventually get done. Or not. And perhaps in the “or not” lies the answer that they weren’t vital anyway. If the things are a must, practice patience. At least that’s what I do with students. I’m not always successful at being patient with myself.

Sometimes, peace and love, for yourself and for others, is as simple as slowing down, taking a breath, and forgiving the moment.


2 thoughts on “Breathing Lessons

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      I guess the task is to let the tension seep out again…. while my answer is always to stay home and be quiet for a day, that’s not always possible for everyone. It’s the old, “let go let god,” thing. And that doesn’t necessarily mean perfect. Hope you have the fun you wish for…or the quiet…or calm. Yep. breathe.

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