October Newsletter 2014

Mass Schedule
10:30 a.m. Charles Fillmore Chapel, Unity Temple on the Plaza, Kansas City

October 5: Eucharist Service
(Community members, presiding)
October 12: Bishop Janet Sunderland
October 19: Bishop Cliff Kroski
October 26: Bishop Janet Sunderland

Eucharistic Service
Members of the Community will preside at a Eucharistic Service on Sunday, October 5th. Janet and Cliff will be attending a family wedding in Baltimore. We thank you for supporting everyone in this Community.

The calendar page turns to October and temperatures fall. Somehow that’s comforting, knowing that in the midst of so many changes and confusion, October and fall arrive on time, and the only confusion is remembering where we stored the sweatshirts and changing the closet to make warmer clothes visible .

October though, always seems to be a turning point. We have gone from the “dog” days of August and September, watched summer pass, and suddenly see Halloween decorations and candy and costumes in the stores. We also see various plant nurseries selling pumpkins. How did we get to this point in the calendar…already?

But we’re still in Ordinary Time.The four Sundays of this month continue the message of the Kingdom of God.

As we begin this month, Jesus challenges the chief priests and the elders of the people with the fact that they have not welcomed his message. The first Sunday’s gospel presents the story of the landowner’s servants who are killed by the tenants. Finally, the landowner sends his son, thinking surely his son will be safe. But the son is also killed. This is Matthew’s observation that the kingdom has been taken away from those who do not believe and given to others once deemed unworthy.

October 12th gives Matthew’s account of a king who gave a wedding feast for his son. Those whom he initially invited refused to attend. So the king took his wrath out upon those who spurned his invitation and invited, instead, anyone who could be found. Still, one man who attended was not properly dressed for the occasion and was cast out. The gospel concludes with the familiar passage, “Many are invited, but few are chosen.”

The 29th Sunday of the year gives us Matthew’s account of the Pharisees trying to entrap Jesus with a clever question. They ask, “Is it lawful to pay the census tax to Caesar?” If Jesus says either “Yes” or “No,” he favors one allegiance (religion or government) over the other. Instead Jesus evades the question and instead mentions Caesar’s “de facto” authority as recognized by the leaders of the people, “Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

The Gospel of October 26th has the Pharisees asking Jesus another question, “Which commandment of the law is the greatest?” Jesus answers, “Love your God with all your heart, soul and mind.” Jesus then adds the next greatest commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We know that the message of Jesus is challenging in its simplicity: it all comes down to love.

Peace, +Cliff and +Janet

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