November Newsletter

Mass Schedule
10:30 a.m. Charles Fillmore Chapel

November 2: Feast of All Saints/All Souls
Bishop Cliff Kroski
November 9: Bishop Janet Sunderland
November 16: Bishop Cliff Kroski
November 23: Feast of Christ the King
Last Sunday of the Church Year
Bishop Janet Sunderland
November 30: First Sunday of Advent
Bishop Cliff Kroski

Thanksgiving Donation
As we did last year, we will be sending a Community donation to the Redemptorist Social Services Center. If you write out a check, make it to Community of the Incarnation and we’ll donate as a group. They are also collecting new socks and underwear. Thank you for your generosity.

November begins with the celebration of All Saints/All Souls, a celebration in which we remember and honor those men and women who have gone before us. We specifically honor our loved ones who are deceased. This is a very special celebration as we bring pictures and mementos and place these items on a table in front of the altar. We thank these people for being a part of our lives and remember the many ways in which they helped shape us.
The next Sunday’s Gospel presents the story of 10 virgins, preparing to celebrate a wedding. Virgin is more correctly translated young woman or teenager. These 10 young women were probably the groom’s sisters or cousins, who according to tradition, went out to meet the groom as he was preparing to move his bride from her family’s house to his house. Their job was to also greet the guests as they arrived at the groom’s house for the wedding celebration. Five of the girls brought extra oil for their lamps and five did not. The groom was delayed and the girls fell asleep. Once the groom arrived, the 5 girls who had enough oil were ready to accompany the groom to the wedding feast. The unprepared girls had to buy more oil, were late for the feast, and so were locked out of the celebration.
The parable’s meaning is one concerning readiness and preparation. The end of the Church year also concerns itself with the “end time.” The obvious question is, if our end were near, would we be prepared? Would we be ready? Wise or foolish?
The gospel for the 33rd Sunday of the year presents wise and foolish servants. A rich man gives money to servants and the two wise servants invest the money and increase the amount. The foolish servant, fearing possible loss and ridicule from the master, decides to hide the money and return that same amount to the master upon the master’s return. The master reprimands the foolish servant and throws him outside into the darkness. The other two servants are praised for their cleverness and ingenuity.
This parable has a curious twist to it because in that culture, if someone suddenly had more goods or money, others thought they acquired it by dishonest means. So dishonesty is rewarded? Not exactly! The award goes to preparation and readiness. Again, the story refers to end time.
We close the Church Year with the Celebration of Christ the King on November 23rd. We remember our spiritual progress throughout the 2014 church year and we look forward to the 2015 church year with hope and joy.
The new Church Year and Advent begin on November 30th. We wear Advent blue, bless, and light the Advent wreath and the first candle and sing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel as we await the rebirth of light, love and peace.

+ Cliff and Janet

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