Monday of the First Week of Advent

On the Road
Where’s your road going?

Now Israel loved Joseph more than any other of his children because he was the son of his old age; and he made him a long robe with sleeves.

Genesis 37, 3

Joseph, beloved son of his father Israel, was not loved by his brothers. They were jealous of the affection he received from their father and plotted how to get rid of him.

We know the story of Joseph and the many-colored coat and how he was sold into Egypt, and how his dreams led him to a king’s side. It’s a story we could probably repeat by heart.

We have our own stories of family jealousies, of sibling struggles, or even abuse. Do we pack those stories in a tightly held suitcase, carry it always on our journey, or are we willing to evolve beyond those old stories into where life places us? Right now.

Today, consider your old stories. Which are you willing to leave behind? Are you willing, as Joseph did, to forgive the old hurts, slights, even abuse? And if you aren’t quite willing to leave an old story behind, perhaps the simple act of examining that story in the light of where you are today and how you have evolved in spite of the story, will gift you with a new understanding of how it brought you to who you are.

That’s how the journey to forgiveness begins.


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