1st Week of Advent-Tuesday

Road2It’s probably time, just three days into Advent, to remind ourselves of the signs along the road to Bethlehem that read, “Danger! Robbers on the Prowl!” And they may be right around that bend in the road where we least expect.

I ran into a couple of robbers yesterday: A desk way too full of demands and pieces of paper and a computer full of electronic demands. I completely lost track of time. And then, after dinner, since we hadn’t had time to put up the tree lights although the tree was in the window, well, we put up lights, and carried boxes from the basement to the living room and, once emptied, back to the basement.

Time. That’s the robber in most of our lives.

Holy One, free my spirit for a clear journey today. Help me release the pressure of my to-do lists and allow me peace for the day, a clear head, and a smile of gratitude for the season. Help me remember to be in a clear flow of time, where I am, right now.


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