First Week of Advent: Friday

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?


When the Lord gives you flesh to eat in the evening, said Moses, and in the morning your fill of bread, as he heeds the grumbling you utter against him, what then are we? Your grumbling is not against us [or them], but against the Lord.  Exodus 16, 8


I don’t know about you but my week’s had a lot of big boulders in the road. Detours impossible; nothing to do but clamber over and skin my knees. Argggggg. Who put those there? Oh, THEY did.

This road to Bethlehem takes a lot of work. And no guarantees we’ll make it safe. There lies the choice: either we travel with faith in the journey, or we remain in bondage to whatever holds us in fear. Slavery, one could say.

What would it take to look at the interruptions, the loud noises, the anger and grumbling and fear, as a honing process. Our journey can take us to the land of milk and honey, but only if we don’t trap ourselves in the desert where fear lies in wait to tangle us in briars and snakes.

Holy One, grant us your courage to see life’s challenges as fire tempers metal, making our souls, our hearts, our actions shine with your promise of peace.



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