Second Week of Advent: Thursday

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?

It may be useful, as we come near the end of this Second Week (yes, only the second week) to remember the old phrase, “Resting in the Lord.”

Finding that prompt in one of the many little and big books I have on Advent and Christmas gave me time to smile and take a deep breath. We finally finished decorating the house, in stages, as we seem to do every year. And like every year, the evergreen fronds around the house are the last touch. The boxes and bags that hold all the pieces from year to year are back in the basement. We can finally sit and admire and have no “to dos” to do. At least in the decorating department.

Father John T. Catoir writes, Resting in the Lord is a way of relaxing while you recharge your spiritual batteries, and is the same thing as contemplation or wordless prayer.

We could all probably take a break. Just a break to be, look around at the beautiful and beloved decorations in  our homes, the tree and bows. We could all us a rest in the holy energy of this time, whole and complete, no to do’s, rather being.

Holy One, help me remember that being in this time is more important than the doing. Help me remember that at any time, I can sit in holy energy and give myself completely to your presence.



2 thoughts on “Second Week of Advent: Thursday

  1. susansayings says:

    This Advent has not offered many chances for “resting in the Lord.” But i love the idea.

    Sometimes i like to picture that image as i fall asleep at night–for my warm bed in Advent, I am thankful–rest is truly a divine gift.

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      Rather, it seems this Advent is “testing by the Lord” in one way or another. Yesterday, I had my first full day home in …well, a long time. And woke this morning with a headache (no doubt from lack of stimuli???) and went back to bed. It’s been a dusty road this year with so many of us dashing along on it.

      Thanks so much, Susan, for reading and commenting and being with me. It means so much.

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