Third Week in Advent: Tuesday

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?

Yes, I missed a Monday post. I can make the excuse that Sunday night was our church community Christmas party, a wonderful gathering with stories and laughter and good, good food, but by the time bedtime came, I was pooped, no energy for wise words for the morrow. But maybe we don’t have to make excuses for our lapses.

A very wise person, now more than twenty years ago, said to me, “Forgive yourself.” Those two words rocked me back on my heels. I had no idea how to forgive myself. But I began practicing. It took awhile.

Learning to forgive ourselves–for not being perfect or right or happy or following through on a commitment–can be a challenge. We humans are very good at beating up on ourselves, not so good at forgiving ourselves.

But the funny thing about learning to forgive self is that once mastered, we’re ever so much more willing to forgive others. Look around, do you know anyone who’s having a really easy road right now? There must be someone, somewhere, who’s gliding through these challenging times, but I’ve not met that person.

“How are you?” “Fine.” “Really?” “No, but I though it was what I should say.”

Maybe we should say, “Fine.” There’s no use in whining. But maybe we can also take time to regroup and renew and forgive our struggles and the struggles of those around us.

“Forgive one another.” Ah, yes. And forgive yourself. We’re not made to be perfect creatures, we’re made to walk and become conscious and see our lives as a gift, even in the tough times.

Holy One, let me lighten the load I carry; help me put down the frustrations, the worries, the not-good-enough, the unwillingness to forgive mistakes. Help me walk upright with a light heart. Help me lighten the load others carry with a kind word, a smile, encouragement.




4 thoughts on “Third Week in Advent: Tuesday

  1. susansayings says:

    Good timing.
    I’m really struggling with judging myself and others today, feeling like everything is not as it should be.
    For me, that is a key–remembering that believing things should be other than they are is a set up for harsh judgement of ourselves and others.
    We are who and where we are, and we take each step from this moment in which we can choose whether or not to be kind to ourselves and others.
    Holy One, please help me to be kind today–even in my inmost thoughts.

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