Third Week of Advent: Wednesday

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?

I write and speak about peace often. On Tuesday, I heard about the children who were gunned down in a school in Pakistan and my heart grieved. I prayed for their parents and families and friends. Over the same days, people were held hostage, some killed, in Sydney, Australia, and my heart grieved. It doesn’t matter where extremists strike or who is wounded and killed, the world needs peace. I prayed to the Holy One of Many Names for peace.

Peace isn’t a hiding place, a relief from trouble but is attained by any who are willing to journey through the jagged boulders on our road, through the disappointments, and the grief, and still see the journey though.

An encounter with Spirit is neither bland nor superficial. The road to Bethlehem doesn’t lead to a cuddly baby and soft wooly sheep; rather a fire that burns within.

When those who hold Spirit and choose to live the journey of peace toward all, regardless of the holy name that people use or the prayers they offer or the rules they live by, they live with the fire of promise. And they grieve. And they laugh. And they believe.

There should be a warning sign, Danger! The world is changing, and we, too, must change.

Pray for peace. Be the peace. Be in loving kindness to all.

6 thoughts on “Third Week of Advent: Wednesday

  1. susansayings says:

    Namaste! To honor the holy in ourselves and others brings peace. We so easily get distracted. I guess that’s why we practice returning again and again to focus on the Holy.
    Thank you, Janet!

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      You’re welcome. And thank you for taking these reflections to heart. Goodness knows I’ve been distracted! Thankfully, I get a double dose of paying attention to what’s important — both in the evening writing and the morning reading. Practice.

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