Third Week of Advent: Friday

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?

We’re coming to the end of the third week. The way seems a little clearer, the road less rocky. Life has slowed to a reasonable level. It’s possible to know, to believe we have everything we need.

When we were children we thought like children, but now our hunger is for other valuable gifts…those of comfort, peace, time to laugh and share our laughter with those we love.

Perhaps life is much easier than we make it. What do we need, really? A warm bed. A hot cup of tea. A smile from those whom we love. Life can be simple, really, if we allow it to be.

It’s less than a week to Christmas Day.

We wait, then, for the miracle. A child, any child, is born into innocence, to trust. Celebrate the child of innocence in you, the one who wonders, who dreams, who expects miracles. All we have to do is be observant and that miracle of life is right before us.

Holy One, help us trust our belief in the miracle of innocence, the belief that angels sing within in us every day and that the voice of the holy is always near if we listen. Help us believe in life, in the one step in front of the next that brings us nearer to our destination.


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