Week Four of Advent: Tuesday

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?

This is the time of year we begin reading about The Wise Men. Not only do we read about them, but we have them in every crèche scene we have around our homes. Don’t many homes have more than one? We do. We do. And does that addition make us any wiser?

The wise ones’ story, some say mages who were astronomers/astrologers, is a lesson as are all stories. They asked questions. They listened. They kept going. They asked questions. And they listened.

We don’t often, in our busy lives and work and world, have time to just listen to our intuition/spirit/the voice within. And often, we don’t believe the message. You know — that one: the one to slow down; the one to donate more to the needy; the one to change our direction at a crossroad we didn’t even see.

I’m grateful, as were the Wise Men, for messages that come in dreams. Usually they tell me things like “Slow down! You’re going too fast!” Sometimes it’s just a reminder of something I forgot to do. But I’ve also had, as I’ve come to call them, a big dream.

The Wise Men had a big dream. Go a different way. Don’t fret. Just go.

Most of us get that message in one way or another. Sometimes we pay attention. Sometimes we ignore. Slow down and see the crossroad; go a different way.

In these waning days of the Advent journey, choose your way carefully. Choose to slow down. Choose to smile. Choose peace.

That’s how we change the world and others in it.

Holy One, help us listen. Guide out steps gently but clearly so we understand and walk a different way. Help us trust in the journey.



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