Week Four: Advent – Christmas Eve

Where's your road leading?
Where’s your road leading?

Where did your road lead this Advent? Did you learn forgiveness or compassion? Did you slow down and say, enough, now I will be quiet. Or was your journey to learn to trust yourself?

My journey kept teaching me to slow down. I’ve worked at it, I really have: a post in my janetsunderland blog, announcing a break; no new tasks taken up; scratching off to-dos, adding no new ones; finishing the social events. And yet…. well, you know the “and yet.’

I looked at people on Tuesday as we finished our shopping. No one looked very happy. We were. We smiled at each other and at people. Not just because we were together, but because we’ve both read these blog posts, thought about them, lived them the best we could, just like you have been reading and doing as best as you can, and we have arrived.

A manger may be a pretty lowly place: hay, animals. But I remember that smell as comforting. Perhaps we can all be comforted to have arrived here, more or less sane and in harmony with the season.

Thank you. Thank you for reading and commenting and keeping me going. It’s meant so much. Without you, I would falter more. Without each other, we falter even more.

Let’s dedicate this arrival, this Christmas season, to all those we meet. They’ve all been tottering along, too, whether they recognized it or not. Some have tottered more steadily than others. If you are at peace, offer that peace to everyone you see. And if you are in need of peace, look up, one of us will be smiling at you.

Merry Christmas.




One thought on “Week Four: Advent – Christmas Eve

  1. valoriejwells says:

    I was encouraged to sit down for longer spells and to focus more on communicating; text, email, phone call and in person, as available. Stuff can wait. People come first. Thank you for being my Leader/Pastor/Friend.

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