All are Welcome

Community of the Incarnation, an Independent Sacramental Community

  where everyone embodies the Christ

The Community of the Incarnation is a progressive liturgical community, offering an alternative and spiritual worship experience in a small community.
Our particular church traces its lineage from the 19th Century Dutch Catholic Church, and more recently from Bishop Herman Adrian Spruit, a mystic, who incorporated the Church of Antioch as a new-thought and mystical branch of Independent Catholicism. In his wisdom, he envisioned the need and importance of ordaining women, in honoring the complementary energies of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, and for developing deep spiritual practices. His “Rule of Antioch” was simple: love one another.
We are not part of the Roman Catholic Church; however, some of our clergy are former Roman Catholic priests.
We strive to live the Gospel message of love one another. Our services are held in the Charles Fillmore Chapel at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO. We invite you to visit with us any time. Meditation begins at 10:15 a.m. with Eucharist at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning. We are grateful to Unity Temple for hosting our services.

The Community of the Incarnation

  • celebrates the belief that all people embody the Divine;
  • celebrates sacramental and liturgical rites with the individual’s free interpretation of these rites;
  • believes that liturgical rites can be enjoyable as well as relevant;
  • believes all people are free to discover their own path and connection to the Divine;
  • believes that all spiritual paths lead to the Divine Holy One;
  • honors the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine principles and believes that the energies of the Feminine and Masculine are integrated and embodied in each of us;
  • invites all people to be part of our community, regardless of ethnic or spiritual background or sexual preference;
  • invites all people to participate in the Eucharist at the Lord’s Table.
  • honors an openness of thought and theological exploration;
  • believes in the inclusiveness of the Gospel message;
  • celebrates acceptance, love, and compassion rather than dogma, judgment, or regulation.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. vivachange77 says:

    I am in tune with your ministry and what you believe. I have said nothing on my blog about being a retired Presbyterian Pastor. I’ve grown beyond where I started. I now worship with a Christian Church, Disciples of Christ congregation. Having Communion every Sunday is a new blessing for me. I like singing hymns and being part of the community. I define myself as a “free-range Christian and accidental pastoral presence in the world.”

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      Well, we do have a small world of interesting people in our circle of bloggers. Thank you so much for your response. A “free-range Christian….” I like that! I came to ministry late in life. I’d moved to Santa Fe at age 50 to attend the Graduate Institute at St. John’s College. As an old feminist, I had trouble finding a place where I fit and studies….well, you name it, I studied it. And practiced for some time. But as a Westerner, I needed a place where I fit. And so, one day, I went to this little church, Loretto Chapel, where a friend said an odd sort of Catholic group met. That first Sunday, I saw the presider bless in the name of God Father/Mother. My mouth literally fell open. I began serving at the altar, after graduation from St. John’s I entered seminary, and the rest is … well, now. My husband was my mentor in seminary. I was ordained in 1997 and Cliff and I started a church here in Kansas City. It’s a small community, but as we say to each other often after a particularly small attendance, “Where else are we going to go to church???” And so we keep on keeping on. So nice to share stories with you.

      1. vivachange77 says:

        Thanks for telling me more about your journey. I was ordained 25 years ago yesterday. I came to ministry late in life, too. The Presbyterian Church has been ordaining women since the 1950’s. My dad was Catholic and I was baptized in the Catholic Church. I got my M Div at McCormick Seminary in Chicago. I also took classes at St. Mary Seminary, the Diocesan Seminary for Cleveland, OH, where I lived.

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