The Community of the Incarnation holds weekly services with meditation at 10:15 a.m. and Eucharist at 10:30 a.m. in the Charles Fillmore Chapel at Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 W. 47th St. Kansas City, Missouri.

You may also leave a comment and we’ll get back to you right away.

Thanks! +Janet and +Cliff


9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Tony Ward says:

    We’re a family of six (four kids)… do you see a lot of children attending, and are children generally welcome in your community?

  2. Janet Sunderland says:

    We seldom have children but they are VERY welcome. We are a small community here in Kansas City. Our service is open to all. And we’d love to have you come visit. If the children are little folk, you are also welcome to use the care center at Unity. At any rate, children are no problem at all.

  3. Ed Childers says:

    I am interested to know if the Community of the Incarnation is affiliated with the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, the website of which I happened upon the other day and by which I was profoundly moved; I felt as though Patriarch Spruit’s “Invitation” had been extended to me personally. I noticed when attempting to find a “Church of Antioch” in Missouri that the Community of the Incarnation was originally incorporated as the Catholic Church of Antioch at Kansas City before the name was changed in 2008. I am certainly interested in attending services and come from a Roman Catholic/Episcopal background.

    1. Janet Sunderland says:

      Hi Ed. Yes, we’re the same. We changed the name to be more inclusive but we’re the same. Cliff and I were both associate pastors when Richard Gundrey led in Santa Fe. I saw you friended th community Facebook page. The website is and you can find the current newsletter and schedule of services. We’d love to have you join us. +Janet

  4. Shirley Fessel says:

    Janet, I am an educator with Divine Balance. I present archeological evidence through a DVD of the Divine Feminine in the early church. If you would like to view the presentation or have it given, I would be happy to talk with you further. It is obvious you are implementing the early tradition of gender equality in ministry that Jesus used. The DVD would be a visual history and education for your members. Visit or feel free to attend one of the upcoming presentations in June. Email I hope to hear from you. As a former Catholic whose faith journey has been varied and difficult, I was so glad when I discovered the Divine Balance research.

  5. Philip M Fiadino says:

    Janet, Happy New Year.
    I hope this season of the Incarnation is special for you, Cliff, your family and community.

    Mine was quietly meaningful spent with family and friends. And yesterday I was sworn in as a councilman. Exciting!

    Can you please ask Cliff to call me. I had intended to send him the paper on the ICC yesterday, as we celebrated Mary, Mother of God. The theotokos has a deep connection in my life.

    Ad technology would have it, my computer has a virus and virtually everything in unopenable. I will try to print it out and mail it. Unfortunately at the moment I cannot access email. Too long a story related to my cell phone to relay here.

    My cell is 401-533-6544. I’d like to speak with him…. explain…catch up….etc.

    Enjoy the rest of the season. Ad one of our pastors would always say on Christmas at the end of Mass: remember today Christmas is over for Macy’s. For us it’s just begun

    Warm regards, Phil

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